Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray Foam Insulation Seminole Texas


  • Stops Air Infiltration
  • Moisture Resistant / Eliminates Mold
  • Saves up to 40% on Energy Bills
  • Adds Structural Strength
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Increases Home Comfort
  • Reduces Wear and Tear on HVAC Equipment
Spray Foam Insulation Seminole Texas

Spray Foam almost doubles the strength of your walls while acting like a glue holding your roof sheathing in place during high winds and is the fastest growing segment of the construction trade. Most homes will have up to 50% of their hot or cold air leaking outside when it should remain trapped inside.

Spray Foam insulation combats heat loss and air infiltration better than any other standard insulation system. Pick up some fibreglass or cellulose and blow through it. Then try the same test with spray foam. Unlike traditional insulation, it won’t contribute to moisture-related decay and mould.

Spray foam insulation is the future of insulation. Advantages exist for financial savings, health, building efficiency and greener environment. Discover below how you can benefit from spray foam insulation efficiency. For a greener, healthier home… go foam…

One great advantage of spray foam insulation is it’s easy application. It is becoming more apparent that utilizing spray foam insulation to seal and insulate a home is quickly replacing the outdated method of using pretty pink fiberglass to complete the same task. The reasons for this change in residential as well as commercial construction are numerous. With many benefits and only a few drawbacks, it is rapidly becoming the insulation of choice among home owners and professional contractors.

The advantage of spray foam insulation that immediately grabs most people’s attention is the savings. Although it costs up to three times more to initially install, the long term savings associated with foam insulation far out way any cost differences. In most cases, the difference in price is made up within the first five years, yet the savings continue for the life of the home. Lower heating and cooling costs quickly add up, and, since spray foam insulation does not deteriorate, the savings continue indefinitely.

Spray foam insulation appeals to contractors due to the time it saves. One application is all that is required in order to seal and insulate. And, since, it does not settle, there is no need to re-apply. Improved air quality and noise reduction are two other benefits that accompany spray foam insulation. It reduces airborne particles and fibers, which, in turn, helps to reduce allergic reactions. Spray foam’s unique make-up help do reduce sound infiltration from outdoors as well as between rooms and within ceilings and floors.

Finally, spray foam insulation can literally save your home as it is insect and fire resistant. A benefit anyone would want. All of these qualities make spray foam a great choice when insulating a home. The only drawbacks are that it can be quite messy and is best installed in new construction. However, with certain modifications and precautions, it can be used in remodelling projects. It is also best to leave the installation to professionals. Do-it-yourself kits can be purchased but are not recommended. Anyone in the market for a new home or who is considering building a home, should take the time to investigate insulation options and hire someone who can install it. It will save them time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Spray Foam Insulation
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